It is expected that Summer Uniform be worn in Terms 1 & 4 and the Winter Uniform in Terms 2 & 3, given appropriate weather conditions.

WINTER (Terms 2, 3) SUMMER (Terms 1, 4)
Sky blue skivvy or polo shirt. (Long sleeve available) Sky blue polo shirt. (Short sleeve)
Navy gabardine pants/shorts or track pants
School ‘zipper jacket’
Year 6 School Rugby Top
Plain navy socks.
Black shoes. 

WINTER SUMMER (Terms 1, 4)
Sky blue skivvy or polo shirt. (Long sleeve available Sky blue polo shirt. (Short sleeve)
Navy gabardine pants\shorts or track pants 
with navy socks
Winter tunic with Plain navy socks 

Check summer dress to be worn with white socks
Plain school zipper jacket

Year 6 School Rugby Top 
Black shoes. 

Maroon School Hat.-School Bucket, School Slouch or School Legionnaire

School Bag
Polar Fleece vest (Optional)
School Sports Bag (Optional)
School Library Bag (Optional)
School excursion / Swim bag (Optional)


School Sports top (House coloured t-shirt for prep children, supplied by the school)
Navy, mesh shorts
Light blue and maroon sports shirt
Navy tracksuit pants, if needed
Plain, white socks
Please note: A navy skort can be worn for sport activities only.
• All items are to be clearly named.
• Children are expected to wear full uniform.
• HATS are a compulsory item of uniform from September 1st – 30th April. They are to
be legionnaire, bucket or slouch hat design – maroon in colour.
• Grade 6 students are able to wear a special named rugby jumper.
• Sports uniform and runners should only be worn on days of Physical Education classes
and sporting events. Students in Marathon Club need to change into their black school
shoes if they do not have sport.
• Girls’ dresses should be of an appropriate length.
• No jewellery should be worn, with the exception of stud earrings, or jewellery that has
special religious significance – e.g. cross. For safety reasons, this should not be visible.
• Long hair must be tied back and hairstyles appropriate.
• No nail polish

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