Parent Involvement

Parent involvement and participation is warmly invited and actively encouraged. You can participate in a variety of ways such as Education Board, Parents and Friends, Working Bees, excursions. camps, volunteering in the classrooms and just by staying up to date with school news and happenings.

Just speak to your classroom teacher – or our Principal to find out more!

Parents & Friends

Parents are invited to be part of the Parents and Friends’ Committee.  This committee depends on parental involvement. Primarily the role of the P&F is to support the life of the school through fundraising activities and extend a hand of welcome and support.  By its very nature, it also provides a social network for all parents, a vital part of our community.

The Committee is made up of a diverse parent group – some who work and others who stay at home – all who share a common desire to want to give something towards a community that supports their children. 

Activities and functions are advertised in the P&F section of the school newsletter.  We encourage parents to be involved in the P&F.

School Advisory Council

The St James School Advisory Council comprises the Parish Priest, Principal, Deputy Principal, Staff Representative, a P&F representative, parents representing different levels of the school and the Parish Priest nominee. The School Advisory Council usually meets once or twice a term and discusses Educational matters and makes recommendations to the Principal and Parish Priest. An outline of matters to be discussed is placed in the newsletter(s) before each meeting. A report is included in the newsletter after each meeting. Parents are asked to contact any representative of the Council, should they wish to have an educational matter raised and discussed at meetings. The chair of the board is decided at the first meeting.


Lisa Licciard (Chairperson)

Fr. Dispin John (Parish Priest)
Ex-Officio member

David Mutimer (Principal)
Ex-Officio member

Carmel Foster (Deputy Principal)
Ex-Officio member

Amy Darvell
(Staff Rep)

Lisa Sully
April Warfield

Genevieve Hammerton

Paola Weinberg

Chris Harvey

Sheleigh Keating

Working Bees

We take pride in the presentation of our school grounds and strive to maintain a safe and attractive environment for our students. To help with this maintenance a Working Bee is organized each term. The day and time may be varied to accommodate family commitments. Working Bees are held either Friday evenings, (Daylight Saving) or on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Participation from each family is encouraged and expected. Each family should attend a minimum of one working bee at the school. Attendance at working bees can give some of the parents unable to make other events, an opportunity to contribute to the school and an opportunity for social interaction at the traditional sausage sizzle afterwards. Dates and details are communicated through the school newsletter. 

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